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Questia - The Online E-Library, itari provides its full-time teacher-trainees access to 83,000 academic e-books and 8 million articles from peer-reviewed research journals, and magazines in the fields of Education, Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Sciences through the online E-Library: Questia School. Though the download clients and media are easily accessible, it is illegal to download something you didnt pay for. If you were to be caught stealing from a store, you could get fined or jailed.

Directory of Open Access E-Journals (on subscription website Link: aj. Org free E-Books and Resources on Education. Downloads available for free, website Link: m tED Talks, website Link: m). The artists that create the CDs pay a lot of money to make the CDs for our pleasure, and in return they expect everyone to pay for their CDs (its how they make their money). In this respect, downloading illegal music through peer to peer networks is the equivalent to stealing a CD from an actual store. By downloading any type of media for free that is normally paid for through a store, unless so stated, you are breaking the law.

There have been many laws written that forbid the downloading of any copyrighted materials such as music CDs, Movies, and computer programs. If you are caught downloading any of these types of media, or found to have any on your computer, you can and will be fined or even jailed. You may think you are getting the better end of the bargain, but you are stealing from those that worked hard to create the CDs or any other type of media.

Itari and Birmingham City University, UK faculty and examiners structure coursework and assessments by integrating academic library resources as well as research and writing tutorials offered by Questia School. In addition, teacher-trainees of both part-time (cidtl) and full-time (pgdie and pgcie) courses have access to the offline Library at itari and a separate Library at the Indus International School Bangalore.