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Or p.m. Is not mentioned. However, we use numerals when we need to emphasize the exact time and when using A.M. And P.M. Correct: We have to get up at six o'clock to be on time for rrect: She gets home around eight in the correct: We have to get up at 6 o'clock to be on time for e. You have probably come across more than your fair share of Top 10 lists. Why is it not Top Ten list? Keep reading to find out. Numbers that Are Spelled Out, please note that there are some exceptions to the rules outlined below. Example: Fifty and one-half percent of students walk to school. Decimals: There was 0.73 inches of rain last month. More than One Rule, the following are special cases and are often written in multiple ways. Example: The recipe calls for 1 cups of nuts. Numbers that Require Numerals, numbers 10 and Above: She has bought about 12 pairs of shoes and 15 dresses in the last three months. Fractions (usually hyphenated About one-third of the class comes from China. Note: However, the exception to this rule is when it is a mixed fraction. We then use numerals (unless it comes at the beginning of a sentence). Incorrect: She has four brothers aged seven, nine, 12, and 15. Dates and Years: School begins on August 27, 2009. Note: We do not use ordinal numbers (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd with full dates).

Numbers Under 10: Martin has two younger sisters and five older brothers. Note: Some style guides recommend spelling out the numbers one to one hundred. Numbers at the Beginning of a Sentence: Sixty children came to the class trip last year, but this year there were 80. Numbers do not only show up in math assignments, but also in everyday writing. Like most things in the English language, there are rules for writing numbers. Yes, imagine that! There are certain numbers that we spell out in letters, while there are others that we only write in numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.).