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Afterword by Don Watson On Paul Keating let me know what he thought about recollections oleeding heart a few days before the launch: on the night itself in the. Favourites. Viola's stories return compulsively to the same plot points: lost fortunes, missing persons, dead parents, unseen art, falling bodies, the mismatched passion of lovers, and how the distraction of false hope can drive people mad. He is the author of two books of criticism, Olivia Shakespear and W. B. Yeats and, eliot to Derrida: The Poverty of Interpretation and the novels, the Ghost Writer and, the Sance. The Ghost Writer inevitably stumbles at the finish line, because it's hard to keep this kind of "what's lurking in the shadows" mystery going forever; sooner or later, the lights get turned on and the truth turns out to be too plain or too silly. Random House, new Books App for smartphone and tablet, sign Up, sign Up to receive the latest book news and more. By John Harwood, set in Australia - a debut novel that explores a family's secrets and mysteries. Readers can see what Gerard doesn'tthat his pining for some halcyon past has become an addiction, and that his family skeletons have become his only elusive connection to real life. Because of this sickly faith in a vaporous history, The Ghost Writer can be called, in all seriousness, a haunted book. Most of the book's action takes place at the end of the '90s, after Gerard and Alice have switched to e-mail and he's left for London, to meet her and to track the family secrets. And whyshould stories written a century ago entwine themselves ever moreclosely around events in his own life? Gerard's quest to unveil the mystery that shrouds his family, and hislife, will lead him from Mawson to London, to a long-abandonedhouse and the terror of a ghost story come alive.