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Tutorials. Pre-Calculus. Limits and Continuity. Derivatives. Applications of Differentiation. These branches are connected with each other in respect of fundamental theorem. It is stated that calculus was founded in the 17th century and since then its concepts have been applied in many sectors including engineering, science, economics, computer science, medicine and others. Calculus is referred as the part of modern Mathematics. Calculus is a widespread topic and it has three parts like ancient, medieval and modern calculus. Limits, derivative applications, solid of revolution are some important sub-topics that students are requested to learn intensely to get a thorough understanding of the topic. So this value in part one has to equal the value in part two. These are the three conditions for Continuity of a function at a point xa.

In short, get well-geared learning help online with TutorVista and solve Math in a jiffy. You also have an option to understand the math topic through an audio interaction wherein the tech framework allows you to use voip. Integral calculus and Differential calculus are the two main branches of this topic. Differential calculus is concerned with the study of rates at which a quantities change whereas Integral calculus gives information about the accumulation of quantities.