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Purpose of an abstract of a research paper, a research paper abstract is a very brief summary of a thesis, a paper, report, or any writing project. It describes the entirety of the project: its objectives, methodology, scope and findings. Posted on June 13th, 2012 by Mark in Research Paper. Writing a research paper is a time consuming task as it involves investigations on a selected topic. You have to gather facts, figures and ideas from assorted sources. Second, the writer should ascertain that the sentences cover the major points of the paper. Each important point should be included in the abstract. Third, the writer should check the number of words for a research paper abstract should be brief and concise. Its vital for students to learn how to write perfect abstracts early in their academic careers. VI. Try to give the reader an overview whether your research is related with their own research interests or not via including the main elements of your research paper specifically in the abstract. Tagged As: good thesis, research paper, research paper abstract, research paper thesis, research paper writing, tips for research paper writing, tips how to write, tips to write abstract. Comments Off. Abstract is an important element of a research paper. One must know and stick to the format of an abstract to write an effective one. Here are top 7 tips to write a perfect abstract of a research or term paper: I. Usage of sensible words attracts more readers towards your abstract. Use writing techniques to say more in fewer words to make your write up powerful and concise. III. The abstract tells the reader about your paper that what you have done in the research and why it is important for the specific field.