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Write about a time you experienced or learned something for the first time. It could be when you first rode a bike or learned a new game. It could have been your first day of school, your first train or plane ride, or your first trip to an amusement park. Afterward, when your teacher asked you to write in your journal, you decide to write about this experience. One April Fool's day you played a safe but terrific joke on your best friend. It recounts a personal or fictional experience or tells a story based on a real or imagined event. Examples include autobiographies or fictional stories. Some of the narrative topics in the 1998 National Assessment of Educational Progress writing assessment asked students to write stories in response to photographs, cartoons, or poems. Write an essay to tell about this celebration and why it was your favorite. Think about how you spend Saturdays during the school year. Pick out a particularly memorable Saturday, and explain exactly what you did that day and why it was especially memorable. Write a story with the title, insert relevant topic here)." A travel agency is looking for exciting vacation destinations that are a bit out of the ordinary. Imagine that the agency asks you to explore (a particular country, city, or area). Tell about a time when you were embarrassed. Think of a friend you have, in or out of school. Tell one story that comes to mind when you think of this friend.

It could be when you planned something and it did not turn out the way you thought it would. It could have been when someone came for a surprise visit. Surprises can be funny, scary, or exciting. Write about one day you will never forget. Tell what happened and why it was special, memorable, or meaningful. Write about an hour.