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When I see something worth writing about, I dash off a blog post, Masson said. I always take the approach. Im writing because I enjoy it. He sees his blog as part of the so-called third space where people can gather and discuss the events of the day.

For law firms, blogs can help establish their attorneys as thought-leaders in particular practice areas and promote the firm as a whole. Legal blogs on the Internet cover a range of topics from specific practice areas, career tips, and new tech gadgets for lawyers to recent court decisions and legal news along with gossipy sites laced with innuendo and wisecracks. Your needs can be filled in a professional and timely manner. NAA writers do their job because they enjoy writing. Some do it as a full time position and others write as an addition to other income.

By incorporating the use of another writer, you will save time. Time is money. You will be paying less for the writing than sacrificing your valuable time. All of our writers are experienced in how to plug in the keywords that you designate. Using her blog to promote open government, she has repeatedly called upon the Indiana Court of Appeals to publicize its not-for-publication decisions and has pushed the Indiana Supreme Court to make case briefs available online.

You have to make a deeper connection, a more personal connection with the individual. A post about pets and divorce shows the impact blogs can have. For lawyers, online writings can bring new clients, serve as a means to learn about a new topic and provide a creative outlet.

Ryznar, margaret Ryznar, associate professor at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, sees a brighter future. She maintains the Family Law Prof Blog that is part of the Law Professor Blogs Network and is a contributor to the Huffington.