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Question #1 of 25, you don't have to wear a seatbelt when you're: We hope you enjoy our collection of online driver's education quizzes. We're happy to be able to provide a high-quality resource for new teen drivers. Our driver's education resources are applicable to all states, whether you live in California, Texas, Florida, or even Alaska. Please note, however, that these educational materials are not state-certified and do not fulfill any DMV requirements. For more information on online driving classes that will meet those requirements, see our "Reviews" section. We designed our articles and practice tests to work as a supplement to driver's ed classes and parent taught driver's ed courses, not as a replacement for proper schooling. If you want to learn to safely drive a car or truck, you'll need as much practice as possible. - Nintendo Discussion - GameSpot Don't you think this would be a fun game for the DS. M Paper Mario : Sticker Star (Nintendo 3DS) : Target Nintendo's classic Paper Mario franchise gets a fresh 3D look in its hand-held debut. 7. References, you may choose to include your references or simply state, "References are available upon request" or something to that effect at the bottom of your resume. However, if you do choose to include references be sure that the people you list can still be contacted at the telephone numbers you give.

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