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Even remote corners of the globe are visited by more writers than we need. (Ive seen enough articles on Iceland and Antarctica to last a lifetime.) Unless youre going to be the first person landing on Mars, youd better find a good story angle. A piece on how teatime works in England, however (a recent story in Budget Travel is a nice feature that fits on one page. An editor probably has no interest in your hours getting lost in the souks of Marrakesh, but one editor snapped up a piece I wrote in Marrakesh called Interview with a Tout. Heres a good test: read a magazine story or book chapter from someone like Bill Bryson or Pico Iyer and then read your story. Then have your most brutally honest friend do the same.

Before you fall for it, remember that it is also glamorous to be a rock star, a best-selling novelist, or a starter for the Lakers. Its not so glamorous, however, to be an aspiring actor (waiter) in Los Angeles, an aspiring songwriter (waiter) in Nashville, or an aspiring novelist (waiter) in New York. Notice a pattern? Blame the attention span problem on whatever you want, but a recent study found that the average magazine story length in the US is now less than 500 words. The very biggest and best magazines pay on acceptance, which means when you hand in a manuscript they are happy with, you get paid. In the other 90 percent of the publishing world, where you will probably get most of your assignments, this is about as common as Ferraris in Cuba.

Wherever you are going, you need to think like a journalist and dig for something an editor will find refreshing. Myth #4: Readers want to hear every detail about your personal experiences.