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The converter can be tailored to the mic however to achieve better results. Ive used the Andrea NC181VM and its pretty good. Id rate it about an 8/10. It costs about 35-40 on m, or about 119 in Australia fromhere. The easiest option is to use the cheap headset mic with USB converter that comes with Dragon Dictate.2. The next sstep up would be to buy a digital mic like the Andrea 181.3. This says to Google you like this site. Thanks! Version analog microphone with a USB adapter. This is the most basic option. You need two items: a simple USB adapter that plugs into your mac USB port and a microphone that plugs into the adapter. Id rate the built in Dragon mic about a 7/10. Ive used an SM58 vocal microphone (costs around 300) plugged into an Andrea USB adapter and Id rate it 9/10, so it depends on the microphone you use. I cant comment, Im just listing it for completeness. 4. Wireless Microphone. This is just an analog microphone like Version 1 above plugged into a USB adapter, but for the microphone you use a good quality wireless vocal microphone the kind of mic you would use for singing and performing etc. Heresanother article on selecting the right microphone. Other posts on Speech recognition: Enjoyed this article? You can help me by clicking on any other article. People read an article, get the answer they want, and leave.