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A Helpful Writing Exercise to Focus Your Blog Content

It was intended to help us write a speech, but it works for writing, too. Before you begin writing, consider your subject (what you want to write about then boil it down to a theme (your specific angle and area of focus then an objective (what you want to accomplish).

If youre not sure what yours might be, ask yourself these questions: What do I want to accomplish with my writing? What impression do I want to leave? Whats my goal? Photo credit: Flickr (Creative Commons im getting a lot of questions about blogging these days. Friends and strangers are all emailing me, asking the same thing: Am I doing this right?

Example: How writers can use the Internet to build a platform for their writing. Objective The objective is the main takeaway; its the goal. If everything else fails, this is what you want your blog to do. Its counter-intuitive, but it works. Does your blog or writing have a focus? Id love any feedback you have. Share in thecomments). Not because they arent promoting their work and getting their name out there. The simple reason a lot of blogs struggle to succeed is because of lack of ny bloggers havent taken the time to develop a unique purpose for their blog, and as a result theyre just writing with little thought as to what theyre hoping to accomplish. Before getting started, my basic rule of thumb for writing (especially blogging) is this: The more you narrow your focus, the more you broaden your audience. Most bloggers think they have a focus for their blog. While it seems very limiting, its actually quite freeing. Itll also make it easier for you to connect with your readers and call them to action. Ironically, the more you focus on a single objective, the more possibilities for writing emerge.