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This cheek colors lightweight texture and buildable color provide effortlessly smooth, even application, and its blend of passion fruit seed oil with vitamin E helps to hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it with a gorgeous, flush of color.

'Passion' is like Liz in 'Whose afraid of Virginia Woolf?'. No compromise, hard and tender, bitchy and sweet, yelling and purring. But always strong and with an awesome presense. Like her fragrance 'Passion'. But as unashamedly sensual, bold, 'come hither' and la Mae West risqu: 'Is that a gun in your trousers or are you just happy to see me?' 'Very happy, Mae! 'Passion' cna hardly be beat. Wild, no holds barred, liberating passion! Liz was definetly a stong woman, well 'Passion' matches her strong character and personality. Most of Liz's fragrances White Diamonds' 'Diamonds and Sapphires'. As we all now Liz had something with gems, and with aslos 'passion' for that matter!) are florals, but 'Passion' is a true complex oriental in the vein of 'Obsession' and.

The middle is also of the strongest I have seen. Nine notes! And of the heavy caliber: Honey! Tuberose! Heliotrope! Jasmine! Sandalwood! Patchouli! Orris! Cedar! Rose! Enough to even knock your granny out, but a lover-of-strong-fragances' dream come true!

Imho you have two kind of perfumes: good quality (good sillage, great longevity) frags with an own face; and bad, cheaply produced generic interchangable 'breezes in the wind' creations of the 'Mad Men' at the 'Ad Agencies'. Don Draper would love the tsunami of fruity florals. Hell, he even would have invented them! But for himself, he would prefer strong fighter Liz and certainly her 'Passion'. The strange thing is that those fleeting celeb fruities are often more expensive than some good long lasting original frags. Extra strenght. That is maybe why a lot of people don't like it. It is too strong, too intense, too dense, too overwhelming, too 'elusive' for a lot of people, too confrontational with their own sexuality.