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Don't be afraid to rewrite if some part of the poem is not working. Some poems have lines that simply don't convey an element well, and can be replaced. 3 Share your work.

The sky nearer to the sun is pretty, but farther away some of it is already dark and colorless.". Concentrate on your subject and come up with a few new ways of presenting or describing the thing your original statement was about. Some poets have separate journals for individual topics (say, a journal exclusively dedicated to Money and My Lack of It.) But only you can decide the exact way in which you'll fill your journal. After picking a topic, write a line about it. If the next line doesn't rhyme with the line above, think of words that rhyme with the line's last word and form a sentence around it.

It's a crime. If you are opting for the rhyming route, there are three basic types to choose from: the couplet, tercet, and ballad stanza. The couplet is two phrases that each rhyme at their end. The audio you've recorded can be shared through email or within iTunes. A good audio recorder is something that poets should have available, and this is one of the many excellent options in the App Store.

The most well known poetic device is rhyme. Rhyme can add suspense to your lines, enhance your meaning, or make the poem more cohesive. It can also make it prettier. Don't overuse rhyme.