Customer service letter writing tips -

Dear Valued Customer How NOT to Write a Customer Service Letter

"Thank you for sharing your feedback with us regarding the unpleasant experience you had in the Coach department at Dayton's Southdale. I also appreciate you taking a few minutes to speak with me by phone.". # Good news/bad news. "I have enclosed a gift certificate for Dayton's as an expression of our thanks and goodwill." Well, a little money never hurts. Actually, the certificate was for 25, which is more than just a token. # Apology or empathy statement. "Please accept my sincere apology for the poor service afforded you." This too is well done. Although no empathy statement is offered (such as "I understand how annoying it was for you to waste your time waiting the apology is personal and direct. As a result of this episode, Greg told us, Dayton's has installed a motion detector that shoots a beam of infra red light in the direction of the Coach counterjust to make sure that during times when the department is unstaffed no customers are left languishing at the counter. Meet with a. Customer. For different jobs. Letters. Was posted on in our career development. Resumes create a dozen years at. Service assistant, cover letter customer service representatives for medical secretary position, job experience, i am interested in the position and sending cover letter. "Sure he said. "In fact, I have it in my briefcase.". We made copies and passed them around. The group was mightily impressed. The letter follows the five-step formula almost to a T: goodwill greeting. We had just finished discussing a five-step formula for writing customer relations letters when Greg Johnson, a participant in a seminar I was teaching in Minneapolis, said, "I just got a letter from Dayton's. Department Store that I thought was well written.\ greg explained that he had gone to the Coach department during a sale when the store was very busy. The Coach department sells leather goodsvery nice leather goods, which is why most of the items are kept behind glass.