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So I am looking for other travelers of ALL ages to share your stories, tips, pics, etc! I am looking for ANY of the following: -Any kinds of tips or advice like, avoid this never forget that make sure to do this always pack what activities and experiences are really a must, your favorites, etc. -One sentence or a paragraph on why you travel, why you regret never taking the opportunity to travel (if that is the case etc. -If you have any funny or inspiring stories, your observations about culture, food and best possible routes to take.

Hey everyone! As a senior in a BFA Graphic Design program, I am in the middle of working on my thesis project. My project is focusing on inspiring people to travel out of the United State by making postcards, a book, posters, and possibly a website. (Include pics if you would like i would be extraordinarily grateful if you could contribute anything! If you would like to remain at all anonymous in my project, please let me know! A. It is a strong predictor of later violence. B. It declines if ignored by caretakers. C. It is a normal developmental behavior. D. It rarely, if ever, occurs in preschool children.

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