School bans help for heroes band -

M: Student Forced to Remove Help 4 Heroes Wristband

Our superb work to support charities raised over 5,000 last year as a school community. Our charities are chosen through democratic means by individual Year Groups and reflect the areas of interest of different Year Groups. We have defined violent characters as those who solve problems using violence. Super heroes certainly fall into that category. Please refer to the dress code section of the School Handbook. Your cooperation with our dress code will be appreciated.

Our Uniform Policy is clear in what we allow and what we dont allow. We expect all students to conform to this policy. We are looking forward to further strengthening this policy next academic year with our new Uniform.

Super heroes certainly fall into that category, the parents are advised. Daniel and Sarah are then pointed towards the schools handbook. It is unknown where the school is, but the sarcasm levels on Reddit, unsurprisingly, gone overboard. The school says it defines 'violent characters' as those who solve problems using violence - like Wonder Woman. With her bullet-repelling bracelets and unbreakable golden lasso which forces villains to tell the truth, she has been a force for good for over 70 years. The lunchbox in question (via Reddit/twines18 having been viewed almost 400,000 times, the now viral post which contains images of a Wonder Woman lunchbox parents Daniel and Sarah have been advised by the school to revaluate their daughter Lauras choice of accessories. No parent has raised a concern with the school about this matter. As a ex-soldier of 24 years having served in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Iraq and have been involved with many injured servicemen, I find the denial of allowing students to show their support for those charities whilst portraying that they have strong military links disgusting.