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Shows how to use a graphing calculator to solve statistics problems. Provides interactive demonstrations of trigonometric functions and basic laws. Has many interesting, real- world trigonometry problems for your students to solve. Connects you to hundreds of documents that present history from a non-Eurocentric viewpoint. Maintains several great links to world history resources covering all areas of the globe. Has world history study guides, links to original documents, educational activities and much more.

Shows you how to credible, accurate, search results when using a search engine. An exhaustive resource for using search engines, web directories, finding scholarly resources, and much more. Offers tips on using search engines, evaluating web site credibility, and starting a research project.

History - Anthropology explains what anthropology is, simply and clearly. Introduces objects. English - Books aggregates the listings of more than 100,000 online booksellers. Offers free downloadable books formatted for printing or use on iPods, PDAs, or eBook readers. Lists upcoming book fairs and festivals all over the world. Defines cultural and human geography. Has a wide variety of maps and mapping tools. Lets you test your geography knowledge with online trivia quizzes sorted by continent and topic. Has lots of resources about physical geography, human geography, early explorers, maps, and more. Has practical resources and real-life projects that make learning economics a breeze. Geography lists the branches of geography, the tools and methods of geography and the history of geography. Looks at physical geography, its subcategories and its four spheres.