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Khayyam Persian poet, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher. Kho dega So. Khoda hafez Goodbye. Khoshteep Handsome. Khyber Pass The mountain pass that links Afghanistan with Pakistan. Kochen-morgha Chicken bazaar. Kochi A nomad.

Sabagh Lesson. Sabzi challow White rice with lamb and spinach. Sahib Courtesy title equivalent to "sir." salaam alaykum Hello to you. Salaam Hello. Samosa Small, triangular pastry stuffed with minced meat. Study Help, full Glossary for, the Kite Runner affluent, having an abundance of wealth. Aficionados, ardent fans; enthusiasts. Agha, mister; great lord. Ahesta boro, wedding song. Ahmaq. Fool, idiot. Al hamdullellah, thanks to God. Tandoor Traditional oven for bread making. Tanhaii Alone. Tar A glass coated cutting line on a kite. Tashakor Thank you. Tashweesh Nervousness. Toophan agha Mr. Hurricane. Veracity Accuracy. Victor Hugo French writer who championed the French Romantic movement; although known outside of France for his novels Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hugo is often considered the foremost. Pakora Snack made of deep-fried items, often chicken, onion, or potato. Palliative To mitigate pain; serving to lessen without curing, as in a treatment for cancer that makes the patient comfortable but does not cure the disease.

Carcinoma A malignant tumor that spreads by metastasis; cancer. Cardamom The aromatic seeds of an Asian plant in the ginger family. Chai Tea. Chaman A town in Afghanistan. Chapan Traditional, long coat worn by Afghani men.

Khan Title of tribal chief; now used like "mister" when placed after someone's name. Khanum Lady; Mrs. Khasta Wounded; weary; infirm. Khastegar Suitor. Khastegari A suitor's official visitation to the family to propose marriage. Ferni Rice pudding. Genghis Khan The founder of the Mongols and ruler of the largest contiguous empire in history. Ghamkhori Self-indulgent attitude about one's own difficulties. Ghazal Lyrical poems. Hadia Gift.