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Remember to say "please" and "thank you." And mean it. "Thank you for understanding why afternoon breaks have been eliminated" is prissy and petty. It's not polite. Add a signature block with appropriate contact information (in most cases, your name, business address, and phone number, along with a legal disclaimer if required by your company). Thats human nature. Number your points in more complexmessage. (Start with a clear statement of how many parts there are to your message.) Split unrelated points into separate, purposefulemails. If you send all your employees a message that only relates to some of them, a lot of people will waste time reading the whole thing, in order to determine whether.

Proofread, especially when your message asks your recipient to do work for l-caps comes across as shouting, and no-caps makes you look like a lazy teenager. Regardless of your intention, people will respond accordingly. Since some of you noted that the large file size makes it a bit awkward, Ive also attached each chapter as a separate document. Let me know what you think! Attachments: Big Honking File. May I email you my Chapter 10 discussion questions before I leave town? And could I come toyour office hour at 2pm on the 12th, in order to discuss the paper? By Richard Nordquist, despite the popularity of texting and social media, email remains the most common form of written communication in the business world-and the most commonly abused. Too often email messages snap, growl, and bark-as if being concise meant that you had to sound bossy.

Wordsworth, ask yourself whether the person you are writing knows you well enough to recognize your email address. To: Professor Blinderson From: Subject: BlankYo goin 2 miss class whats the homework (Professor Blinderson will probably reply, Please let me know your name and which class youre in, so that I can respond meaningfully. 1. Parking Rules and Regulations require that all vehicles driven on campus must display the current decal. Slapping a "Hi!" in front of this message doesn't solve the problem. It only adds a false air of chumminess.