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The trademarks and names of other companies and products mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Copyright 2014 FormulaFun, Inc. All rights reserved. Website customization by Our Misadventures. Initially many students will need support and encouragement in order to communicate their ideas and thinking clearly on paper but, as with any skill, the more they practice the easier it will become.

The work sample above on the left shows a Kindergarten students' attempt to record her thinking early in the school year in response to the task: Vanessa had 5 cupcakes. Some were chocolate.

How often should I use Math Journals in my class? Some teachers use several tasks a week as a warm up to the math lesson. Other teachers set aside one period per week for journals, select a task that correlates with the current unit of study and allow more time for students to share their thinking with one another. What are the Characteristics of a Good Math Journal Question? A good question. Builds in differentiation by allowing for multiple entry points and recording techniques, thereby allowing all students to work at their individual level of thinking, provides the opportunity for students to learn by answering the question, and the teacher to learn about each student from the attempt, may. Visit our Math Journal Gallery pages to see examples of written responses made by Kindergarten - 5th Grade students when encouraged to make their own decisions about how to record their thinking.

Custom Search, math Journals, a math journal, or problem solving notebook as they are sometimes referred to, is a book in which students record their math work and thinking. They can be used to: Record the solutions to math problems, along with the strategy and thought processes used to arrive at the solution.

It is important to provide many opportunities for students to organize and record their work without the structure of a worksheet. Math journals support students' learning because, in order to get their ideas on paper, children must organize, clarify, and reflect on their thinking.