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Writing Your Valedictorian Speech

You'll fit about 250 words on a page that is double-spaced. That translates to five to seven pages of double-spaced text for ten minutes of speaking time. Tips for Preparing to Speak, practice reading your speech out loud to see how it sounds.

For example: Plan for Time, be mindful of the appropriate length of your speech to give yourself an idea of how long the speech should be. You can speak about 175 per minute, so a ten-minute speech should contain words. Divide your speech into topics according to the highlights you came up with. For example, you may start with your senior trip aboard a bumpy plane ride or rolling cruise ship and say "We are gathered today as one bodyalthough it's rumored that some of us left our stomachs behind somewhere in the Caribbean.".

Continue Reading Below, the terms "valedictory" and "valedictorian" come from the Latin valedicere, which means (or pertains to) a formal farewell. The valedictory should fulfill two goals: it should convey a "sending off" message to the members of a graduating class; but it should also inspire graduating students to leave the comfort and security of their school with a full. A valedictory is a speech that is delivered at the graduation ceremony. The speech is usually performed by the valedictorian, although many colleges and high schools have moved away from the practice of naming a valedictorian. Mix up your speech by sprinkling in a quot; or two. A quot; works best in the introduction or the conclusion, and it should reflect the tone or theme of your speech.

Compile a List of Highlights. Youll start by making a list of benchmarks and highlights from the year: Continue Reading Below, who received awards, scholarships? Were any sports records broken? Is a teacher retiring after this year?