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Writing the Personal Statement Berkeley Graduate Division

Application for a Masters in Respiratory Physiotherapy, bad Example. I am currently studying for a BSc in Physiotherapy and would like to progress my studies further and undertake a Masters course.

Overcoming of any obstacles in life may show evidence of determination and resilience. But also, dont be afraid to share your weaknesses and areas you want to improve upon in doing this area of study/research.

Make sure your grammar and spelling are accurate. If your statement is fresh, lively, and different, you'll be putting yourself ahead of the crowd. Structure - an introduction, a body and an end is needed. If you can't answer this question, don't expect the selectors to answer it for you! Mention skills and attributes have acquired both academically and personally e.g. Teamwork, communication, working under pressure.

Good Example, i am currently studying for a BSc in Physiotherapy. I have particularly enjoyed the Respiratory Physiotherapy modules and my experience on clinical placements in this area. In addition, I am about to begin my final year research project on The effectiveness of manual versus ventilator manual hyperinflation in infants. Why is a Personal Statement important? It is one of the ways in which those offering the Masters course will judge your commitment to the area of study. For some Masters course it will be one of the main methods used, whilst in others it may be used as a preliminary assessment of suitability, which will be followed by an.

The opening paragraph, if written correctly, will grab the reader's attention and become a framework for the rest of the statement. Good and bad Examples of Taught Masters Course Personal Statements: Application for a Masters in Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy, bad Example. This example is too obscure and vague and only states what the applicant wants to gain from the Masters course. There is no evidence of research into the course or future career.