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Zero-Tolerance For Sober Driving -A Satirical Essay

Looping or Targeted Freewriting Looping is similar to freewriting in that you write without stopping, but the difference is you are trying to be more focused in your writing.  You can use a more specific topic to loop back to if you would like, or, if you do the more open-ended freewriting first, you can do a more targeted freewriting. If at first you dont succeed try, try, and try again. After all, practice makes perfect! Recently, more and more drivers have discovered the joys of drunk driving. However, research indicates that consumption of alcohol while driving can lead to the victimization of these innocent drivers. In other words, what do you understand to be the instructors and your goals in writing?  Is the instructors assignment designed to test your understanding and comprehension of class lectures, discussions, and readings? Your results will vary and thats okay.  If one of these techniques doesnt work for you, try another and see how that goes. When trying any of these techniques, you cant censor yourself.

 A working thesis is tentative in that it will inevitably change as you go through the process of writing and researching.  But if youre more comfortable thinking of the starting point of your research project as being about asking the right questions or finding the right problem, thats okay too.

 Are there items that you can add to your list of topics that would NOT make good research projects, ones that are researchable but that seem too cliched or controversial to do effectively in one semester? However, there are groups of people who are apparently trying to convince people that it was the drunk drivers who were at fault! But lets take a look at the facts: approximately 40 of all motor-vehicle fatalities are alcohol-related.  For example, you might freewrite with something general and abstract in mind, perhaps the question what would make a good idea for a research project?  For a more targeted freewriting exercise, you would consider a more specific questions, such as How could I explore and write about the research idea I have on computer crime?