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AP Calculus AB

These readings and work assignments are intended to prepare students for the demanding college-level curricula followed in these courses. Assignments for English, mathematics and Advanced Placement courses may be found by clicking on the links below. This review will be part of the first assessments of your course in September. It is therefore in the interest of the student to complete the summer assignment conscientiously, asking friends, parents, and siblings for help as needed.  Although some teachers may require summer submission of assignments, the completed assignments will be due to the assigning teacher by no later than the second day of the new school year. Completion of the assignments this summer will allow for more meaningful participation in the review period at the start of the school year.  This assignment is based entirely on prior knowledge and is solely a review for individual units that are vital to participation in the upcoming year of math.  If you can't open these links, please disable your popup blocker for this site. For this reason a summer review assignment is prepared for students entering both levels of Algebra II and. Pre-Calculus. Try to enjoy it! Best wishes for a fun, restful, and productive summer. Note: Some of the links - such as "Algebra Review" and "Lies My Calculator and Computer Told Me" - point to Acrobat PDF files. For ease of navigation, these links open in a new browser window.