My son refuses to do homework -

How to Get Kids to Do Their Homework Empowering Parents

She has now started to care again and has started to turn things in. The other thing that worked for her was grounding her on a daily basis depending on what was not done the day before. You can go to any pharmacy and get a home drug test kit. I always told my kids "if I make it through this I am going to make a T shirt that says 'I survived three teens!" Helpful? I would definitely bring a professional in. Or anyone who he feels comfortable enough to really open up to. He is the only one who knows what is going on, and he probably will not tell you. For me, it was the fear of failure. I am a perfectionist and also the pressure from my parents and high expectations was overwhelming. My parents constantly reminded me that "these couple of years will affect your whole life. I also stayed home "sick" on days where there was a test taking place to buy some more time before I had to deal with it. Generally I got A's when I did do my assignments. The end result was they did find that he qualified and that just by placing him is the special ed resource room for his study halls and a couple of his classes has helped a lot. S.P. Answers from, minneapolis on, may 02, 2009, i'm going out on a limb, but perhaps a tutor would help. If he's struggling, this may be causing some of his "attitude" problem. Don't offer advice or solutions, just listen. Then ask him to think of possible ways that he can feel supported (rather than cornered or threatened). This does not have to be all in one sit down time.