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My family has some special problems and we have a Therapeutic mentor. Some of the problems can be suicidal thoughts, drugs, really bad stress, and anxiety. I love to help people and this is how I want to help people. Also I want to work there because I've had a good experience with them. It's very child friendly. Last, it is the closest counseling center to Peabody, where we live. That is why I want to work as a therapeutic mentor for Family Continuity.

Last week, unsolicited and quite by surprise, we were lucky enough to receive this essay from a young person involved with our Therapeutic Mentoring program in Peabody. It was her 4th grade assignment, in response to the question, What do you want to be when you grow up? When I Grow Up, when I grow up I want to be a Therapeutic mentor. I'd like to be a mentor because they help people with special problems. Everyone has problems but these special problems need more care than others do. Sam V. P.S. The name of the City of Peabody school wide contest that Sam entered her essay in was the Positive Healthy Living Essay Contest. Says her Family Continuity Mentor, Loren: I knew nothing about this until the Mom told me that my client won an award in her class for the best essay and showed the essay to.

Sometimes our Real Stories come in the form of thank-you letters from parents or relatives of our clients, other times our staff relate the experiences of the families and individuals with whom they work. I know what some people might be going through and I want to help them get through it. The company I want to work for is Family Continuity. I want to work there because that's where my Therapeutic mentor works.