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Majority people believe myths that there are unhappy times during ones lifetime, the stress-filled teen years midlife crisis and then the years of old age (Myers and Diener 12). In reality, people of all ages unveil that no specific time in their life were they happier or unhappier than others. Through the use of surrogates, information passes from person to person due to word of mouth. Gilbert refers to super-replicators as false super-replicating beliefs. Although these beliefs are inaccurate, they are still transmitted due to the reason that beliefs do not need to be true or have merit to be widespread. They are also optimistic and tend to be more healthy, successful, and happier than pessimistic people. Also, people that are happy are extraverted and they are happy when they are surrounded by a lot of people and even when they are alone.

Money can t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a lot of fun toys. A figure in Myers and Dieners article illustrated the correlation between national wealth and well-being. The figure proved that wealth and well-being are connected and that people who reside in rich countries are more satisfied than those who live in lower class countries. I believe through word of mouth and through those whom we look up to, we are told many myths about happiness, especially the biggest myth that money can buy happiness. In Daniel Gilberts Reporting Live from Tomorrow, he argues that the definition of happiness is not defined by wealth and that we rely on super-replicators and surrogates to make decisions. Nov 20, 2014. You can see that in this ielts model essay, the first body paragraph is. In a world where almost everything has price tags, money can buy happiness. Can t be used as a substitute for money in this essay, in this context. Mar 30, 2010. If you buy things that make you happy, then money can indeed help out. Of course money can t buy happiness, but it sure beats not having money, in my. If this is for an essay, I think all of these answers are good, but your.