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Learn how to protect yourself. More Homework Help on About Name your subject. Chances are, we have somebody who can help you here. Prepare to be amazed. Express Your Opinions - Exercise Your Rights Just click on a topic to read or take part in the discussion. The Federal Reserve System With Alan Greenspan at the helm, they chart the course of economy. Read about the history, organization, and function of the Federal Reserve banking system. The Freedom of Information Act: How to Request Information This 1966 Act changed our access to government information from a "need to know" to "right to know" situation. Magruder's American Government, magruder's American Government (California magruder's American Government, united States Government: Democracy In Action. Magruder's American Government, united States Government: Principles in Practice, magruder's American Government, magruder's American Government, magruder's American Government, united States Government: Democracy In Action.

Latest Additions All new features and stories added to US Government Info/Resources. Job Openings - Federal Government Links to vacancy announcements at dozens of agencies and military branches. Job Openings - State Governments Links to vacancy announcements from all states and D.C. Where the term "cabinet" comes from and more answers to more questions. Presidential Succession, should the President die, resign or be impeached, the Vice President takes over. But, who comes after the VP?

White House Press, releases. A quick and handy page for finding documents released by the White. House for the last week, month, or year. Presidential, libraries, america's Presidential libraries are a treasure of information, much of it available online. Federal Campaign Contribution Laws By November of 1999 the twelve top candidates for President 2000 had raised over 144 million. Find out how much you can legally contribute to the candidate of your choice.