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Owner seems cool and honest, however he told me that the title was in his parents house. He said he will write me a bill of sale and will sign the papers and just mail it to me and I will recieve it in a couple of days.

Is this a good idea or no? I live in CA BTW # 2, 06:22 AM, senior Member, join Date: Mar 2011, location: Richmond, VA, posts: 103, quot;: Originally Posted by, devilInDisguise. I know this all because I got my F2 given to me by the original owner (long story, it didn't run and was much unloved and unwanted) but nobody knew who owned it last.

There is something to the lien thing, but he cannot legally sell the bike without the lienholder's permission in cali, and they need a representative to sign the title transfer. If you try to buy it and he doesn't tell you, it won't go thru! You will not be able to get proper registration if you don't have a title for the bike so better be safe on this one. I just bought my bike and found several good options for reasonable prices so no reason to rush your purchase.

Good luck. _ '03 CBR600RR - His '03 CBR600F4i - Her's # 8, 01:06 PM June 2012 Ride of the Month Join Date: Mar 2011 Location: Appleton, WI Posts: 347 Do not buy it without him signing and handing the title over to you in person. Is this a good idea or no? I live in CA BTW It's not hard for him to get a duplicate title. You can also get a title request with a sale on a particular DMV form in cali.

With it written that deposit is returned if no title shows. Documentation is piece of mind and protection. If you get the bike and no title your gonna have headaches man!