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It may communicate the same concepts, but the message, branding, and style can get lost. That may mean less impact from a social media perspective, fewer links, less enjoyment and engagement from readers, and these things, directly and indirectly, can negatively affect your SEO.

But for me, not all was sunshine and peppermints. During this time I discovered something about myself. While Im not generally over-the-top egotistical (debatable I missed the attention, the recognition, the authority of having my own name on the writing.

Based on keywords or keyword phrases you provide. Delivered in a zip file saved in notepad (txt) format unless you request a different format. Search Engine optimized. I use your main keyword or phrase once in the title and once in the first paragraph unless instructed otherwise. And the temptation of volume will depress the per-article fee, meaning you work harder and faster for less. Like the Ghostwriting Dad Sean Platt put it, Ghostwriting for SEO is rarely worth it because most people willing to hire a ghostwriter arent willing to pay the rate needed to do a future proof job. Plus, it's the right thing to do. This is how I feed my wife and two children. This is not something I just started doing to buy beer or earn some extra cash. It was true. At this point, there are few academic challenges that I find intimidating. You name it, I've been paid to write about it. Customers' orders are endlessly different yet strangely all the same. The focus on evaluation rather than education means that those who haven't mastered English must do so quickly or suffer the consequences. My service provides a particularly quick way to "master" English.