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A study into the benefits of using in-house CSR expertise compared with the benefits of using CSR consultancy expertise. How does customer perception impact on customer loyalty in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility? What is the best conceptual business model framework for strategy and value addition? A content analysis of external risk reporting within UK public telecommunications companies. What is branding and how does it provide competitive advantage: Case of the consumer electronics industry? How national cultures affect organisational cultures and the impact of this on the performance of businesses in different countries? What are the bases of employee commitment in terms of affective, normative and calculative commitment? Business-Government relations within a contingency theory framework: strategy, structure, fit, and performance. What is the meaning and process of globalisation and how does it impact the way in which business teams work together? Jun 17, 2015. International Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics. Management, as organisations move towards global HR service provision. Suggested initial topic reading: Clark, R. (1997) Looking after business: linking existing customers to profitability Managing Service Quality, Vol. 7(3 pp.146-149. Hart, C., Doherty, N. And Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2000) Retailer adoption of the Internet - Implications for retail marketing European Journal of Marketing, Vol. This is a dissertation that through its recommendations has the potential to be of use to all small time hoteliers within the UK as well as offering a snapshot of bed and breakfast Britain in the summer of the Queen's Jubilee.

Further, it monitors the imposition of new and different practices in one mining company listed on the Junior Mining and Exploration Index, and charts the relative success of the measures introduced.