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Its all about the shortcuts. Let me explain : Ever envied people who just know how to stun and impress audience simply by choosing the right words and writing them with the right punch? Well here is your only chance to be the envy of others. To make others jealous of the confidence, charm and classiness with which you take on the role of Maid of Honor.

So take this as a maid of honor guide and prepare yourself for your best friends greatest day! For more resources and tips on writing the best Maid of Honor Speeches refer to these sites: If you have any questions or comments please leave them below! Simply select portions of these awesome samples and make them a part of your own speech. Your impressive speech is ready within a matter of minutes! Also the step by step thought process and powerful writing techniques that pro writers use are all revealed to you. It was three days until the wedding day when I started stressing out about what I would say. I began asking some of my close friends what would be expected of me. Short stories are often added to the best maid of honor speeches and are some times a great way of ending the speech. The is important! Know what you want to say from the start to the end. Maid Of honor speech Alternative number 4 A symbolic gift Give the newlyweds symbolic gifts such as a plant, to remind them to always keep their love for each other alive and growing.