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String, action_battery_LOW, broadcast Action: Indicates low battery condition on the device. String, action_battery_okay, broadcast Action: Indicates the battery is now okay after being low. String, action_boot_completed, broadcast Action: This is broadcast once, after the system has finished booting.

String action_locale_changed Broadcast Action: The current device's locale has changed. String action_main Activity Action: Start as a main entry point, does not expect to receive data. String action_managed_profile_added Broadcast sent to the primary user when an associated managed profile is added (the profile was created and is ready to be used).

This is called Hypermedia controls. In this case, we can tell from such a section that we can find a user list by making another request for /user: Request GET /user Accept: application/jsonuserdb Response 200 OK Content-Type: application/jsonuserdb "users "id 1, "name "Emil "country: "Sweden "links "href user/1 "rel "self "method "GET", "href user/1 "rel "edit "method "PUT", "href user/1. Our service uses a custom hypermedia based on json, for which we assign the mimetype application/jsonuserdb (There might also be an application/xmluserdb and application/whateveruserdb - many media types may be supported). A request for the base resource / might return something like this: Request. GET accept: application/jsonuserdb, response 200 OK, content-Type: application/jsonuserdb "version "1.0 "links "href user "rel "list "method "GET", "href user "rel "create \"method\ \"post\ we know from the description of our media that we can find information about related resources from sections called "links". String action_GET_content Activity Action: Allow the user to select a particular kind of data and return it. String action_GET_restriction_entries Broadcast to a specific application to query any supported restrictions to impose on restricted users.

String action_external_applications_unavailable Broadcast Action: Resources for a set of packages are currently unavailable since the media on which they exist is unavailable. String action_factory_test Activity Action: Main entry point for factory tests.