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Writing a Requirements Document: Workshop Materials - CDL

Even this number might not be enough. So how do you really know when you have enough test cases? A good way to handle it would be to base the test cases on the product requirements document. This article assumes that you already have determined what the structure and function of Website should be. This issue is a topic unto itself will be covered in another section. The product requirements document is the cornerstone of product quality. Another reason for this approach is that it establishes a written document specifying exactly what QA is responsible for testing, and what QA is not responsible for testing. This approach puts the burden of determining coverage on whoever is responsible for defining the product requirements (which by definition is usually not QA). Don't say : Eat more fats. Do say : Add fats with some nutritional value to the foods you already eat. Try olive oil, butter, avocado, and mayonnaise.

In applying the multiple number format to a product requirement document for the two field registration Webpage, the first number will represent the general category of tests like page appearance or individual fields, the second number will represent a type of tests, like field validation, and the third number will represent specific variations of field validation tests. Requirements and test cases ending in Especially relative to numbering. Done properly, each requirement should have a test case with the same number. In the previous example of testing a simple registration form (see Writing Thorough Test Cases the number of test cases required to test a two field registration page increased to over two dozen.