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Seeing If PrEP Works In Our Community PrEP

Well also learn more about how best to counsel and support people taking PrEP to best protect themselves from HIV. Where should PrEP be delivered? We need to figure out the best places and ways to offer PrEP to ensure people have access to it no matter how much money they have or whether or not they have health insurance. Students can learn about designing conditions that cause an observable effect in the plants without killing them. Get answers to many questions about the study of the Arabidopsis and why study it plus more.

What PrEP demonstration projects are happening? Since we have the clinical evidence that proves that PrEP is safe and effective for HIV prevention, the million-dollar question is how will PrEP work in the real world?

The hope is when all the scientific evidence from these clinical trials and demonstration projects are put together, we will get a better picture of how well (or not well, depending on results) PrEP worksacross different settings and groups of people. What do I need to know before joining a PrEP trial? For folks considering joining a PrEP trial, please read this frank and honest article written by columnist Matt Sharp in beta (San Francisco aids Foundations bright and brainy resource in HIV prevention, treatment, and cure research). For more information, please visit inprep. Org. What about PrEP studies outside the San Francisco Bay Area? Check beta for the latest on PrEP research and avac for ongoing PrEP clinical trials and demonstration projects in other cities. It truly is a community effort. Be an informed advocate for the PrEP demonstration project, talk to your friends about it, and support participants you know. What about other PrEP studies in the San Francisco Bay Area?