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Defiance - The Bielski Brothers Heroic Tale of Survival - Jewish Life

Zus and Tuvia have a rather curt reunion. As they walk into the forest, Zus tells Tuvia that his wife and child are hiding in a village. At night, they discuss their options.

Food is dangerously low. Peretz is dead from his injuries. Shamon is upset that they didn't bring back any food. He quot;s from the Talmud, saying that if they save a life, they must take responsibility for it. Tuvia notices that Asael's shy interest in Chaya and encourages him to talk to her. He tells Asael to accompany Zus on the next expedition and to ensure that no one is killed.

The police are after them, however they are safe in the woods. They talk about Bernicki. A friend, Koscik has a gun which they can borrow. Next morning, Aron stumbles across some other Jewish refugees in the forest.

Bernicki talks about having killed the Bielskis' father and is now after the sons. He tells Koscik to keep his eyes open and leaves. After they're gone, Koscik gives Tuvia food and drink and asks him to take the Jews from his barn.

When the policemen and soldiers come to the rivulet, the partisans fire at them, injuring a few. The soldiers and Kissely take cover behind trees as well. They yell at each other. The movie starts off with archive black-and-white footage of the Nazi's atrocities on the Jews across Europe. The focus shifts to West Belarus, where Nazi SS soldiers, under the command of Bernicki, the Belarussian Police Captain, are busy "sanitizing" a village, killing half the people and abducting the rest.