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These writing services can affect the grading curve, which will ultimately be devastating for good students who will fail to find a place in their preferred colleges. Yet another nasty object is that most of these essay-writing companies are unregulated, they may be offering third world and Middle Eastern terrorists a way to make money. It is quite the same as it was witnessed during the Great Leap forwards in China. During this period, millions were dying and people were worried about the seriousness of the problem. On the other hand, there were political leaders who were completely unaware of the severity of the issue. You can see the same thing happening with the essay writing services, as many people are bent on discussing the ethical and moral aspects of these services but many others are reluctant to take it as a problem. Many students often rely on custom essay-writing services to get their paper or essay written within the specified deadline. They choose this option for many different reasons they may not have sufficient time to research or lack the knowledge to write a compelling essay.

What it means is that it is hard to make any concrete decision it basically depends on how and why a student contacts these essay-writing companies. For instance: One common concern is that you shouldn't be using these services because you will never know anything about the writer there are good, bad, and average writers, and the money a company asks for doesn't tell anything about the quality of the writer. Whatever the reason, these essay-writing services are increasingly popular. However, it is important to point out that there are also certain ethical issues associated with the idea of using these writing services. It may be a concern, but you can overcome the issue by getting to know the company you're buying from. Another unethical thing associated with the problem is that the whole idea is quite useful for richer students.