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I'll explain later why this threat is a bluff. First I want to address an implicit assumption that is more visible in another formulation of the argument. This formulation starts by comparing the social utility of a proprietary program with that of no program, and then concludes that proprietary software development is, on the whole, beneficial, and should be encouraged.

Everyone else is like me, so nobody will ever program. And then you'll be stuck with no programs at all! This threat is usually veiled as friendly advice from the wise. Although most people cant imagine attempting to pick on someone thats almost seven feet tall, there were some kids that still gave me a hard time. I was fortunate enough to have athletics to give me confidence in geekery.

At this point, learning to code is simply about understanding how the world functions. Plus, its cool. Even though I excelled at basketball, I was subjected to what many of my coding peers had to deal with before tech became cool teasing. The Harm Done by Obstructing Software Consider for a moment that a program has been developed, and any necessary payments for its development have been made; now society must choose either to make it proprietary or allow free sharing and use. A license fee is a significant disincentive to use the program. If a widely useful program is proprietary, far fewer people will use it. It is easy to show that the total contribution of a program to society is reduced by assigning an owner to it.

However, taking account of the concomitant psychosocial harm, there is no limit to the harm that proprietary software development can do. Obstructing Use of Programs The first level of harm impedes the simple use of a program. I would like to consider the same question using a different criterion: the prosperity and freedom of the public in general. This answer cannot be decided by current lawthe law should conform to ethics, not the other way around.