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Southwest Airlines Success : A Case Study Analysis

Sign In, sign up, before we can start your download, please take a moment to join our communityof 25,750,171 academic researchers. Connect, connect, sign up with email, we're sorry. There were some errors with your registration: By signing up, you agree to ourTerms. Activities : Activities Standardized fleet of 737 aircrafts, southwest the low fare airlines, high level of employee stock ownership. Flexible union contracts High compensation of employees 15-minute gate turnaround Limited use travel agents Looking Ahead : Looking Ahead Increase more non stop flights Enrich operation system Include daily non stop flights in busy air traffic route.

In 2001,sept terrorist attacks, SW managed to post a profit. In 2002,the worst year ever for the airlines industry,SW posted its 30th consecutive profit. In 2003,SWAirlines was the 4th largest US airlines in terms of domestic customers carried. Of flights taken. In 1992,Southwest won the annual Triple Crown Award. In 1996,SW started selling through Website m. Cont. : Cont. In 2000,SW placed biggest aircraft order ever, delivery of 94 Boeing737.

Thanks : Any Questions Thanks. Operations Management AtSouthwest Airlines : Presented By: Operations Management AtSouthwest Airlines, background : Background In 1967,Rolling King and Herb Kelleher founded Southwest an intrastate airlines. In 1982, Just Say When campaign, in 1987,Frequent flier programme, no. High employee productivity. Reliable on time performance. SW:Anatomy of a 15-minute Turnaround : SW:Anatomy of a 15-minute Turnaround 7:55 Ground crew chat around gate position 8:08 Boarding call,baggage loading, refueling complete Ground crew move to their vehicles 8:07 Passenger off plane 8:04 crew moves towards gate Baggage unloaded, refueling 8:15 Jet way retracts 8:10 Boarding complete.