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"If we set an example and show them, teach them, then they know a system, and kids take that with them to college.". Advocacy. Parents must respect school staff, but they must be reliable advocates for their kids and never criticize them to others. She also advocates staying up with kids as they do homework and keeping an "open backpack" policy to monitor all schoolwork. So-called helicopter parents don't need to be badgering or pushy parents, she says.

"It's an urban myth that a student who has goofed off his whole academic career can get in with a come-from-behind epic struggle in which the essay serves as the primary tool." "It's not a substitute for a rigorous curriculum, good grades and evidence that you're going to do well he said. "I think there are specific things you can do to get into the college of your choice she says. Her sons, Alex and Zachary, both made the All-USA High School Academic Team, among a long list of accolades.

"I had a lot of different topics I started she said. "At school we were told to come up with a list of anything we thought would be interesting about ourselves. Like any piece of good writing, then you're going to make that come alive. The biggest problem for students, he said, is starting with too wide a focus. "By the time they get to the details, they run out of space he said.

We went through a lot of workshops and they gave us prompts and then we had to think about ourselves.". She said her internship "was the easiest thing for me to write.".