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Except maybe childbirth. I knew what that entailed. In free will if Ithink of myself, I only have control over myself. But I do havecontrol. My thoughts, words, and actions. What a great influence, if I choose right over wrong. Does Writing Things Down Really Make It Easier To Remember Later? M Does Writing Things Down Really Make It Easier To Remember Later? M #social-sharingz-index: 100000;position: fixed;left: 0;top: 120px;width: 40px;text-align: center#social-sharing.facebookbackground: #3B5998#social-sharing.facebook.imagebackground-image: url themes/sky/i/share_tools/g social-sharing.mailbackground: #738A8D#social-sharing.mail.imagebackground-image: url themes/sky/i/share_tools/g social-sharing.twitterbackground: #56A3D9#social-sharing.twitter.imagebackground-image: url themes/sky/i/share_tools/g social-sharing.googlebackground-color: #DD4B39#social-sharing.google.imagebackground-image: url themes/sky/i/share_tools/g social-sharing.image-containerdisplay: block#social-sharing.image-container.imagetext-align: center;height: 40px;width: 40px;display: block;background-size: 40px 40px#social-sharing.pinterestbackground-color: #CB211D#social-sharing.pinterest abackground-image: url themes/sky/i/share_tools/g!important;background-position: 50 50!important;background-size.

The lead in my chest may weigh heavy but it doesn#social-sharing.image-container.image social-sharing.image-container amarg). Then there is the issueof the guy with the gun. We wont ever know here on earth the mental anguish heendured throughout his young life. I live very close to this with a sonborn on the Autism spectrum. Its hard to fathom that God wouldallow this. Where is the grace? Is it through suffering? Is it thelaws of our land visiting their results upon our children? Howunfair. When will we take responsibility? If Our Lord allowed Mary to sufferthe trials that even the most grieved mother could suffersuch as to have herSon pursued by the totalitarian soldiers at two years of age, to be a refugee ina foreign country, to point to a Fathers business that would end in death, tobe arrested falsely, to be condemned by His own people, and to.

All I can think of is the agony of theparents of Newtown, CT. So many questions. So many thoughts. Mygrief is only superficial. My experience as a strangeronlyvicarious. Over the last 3 days, I wake up with a brick on my chest.

I do know that 80 of all marriages where thereis a child with a disability end in divorce. People arent made forhardship. When life gets difficult, they tend to bail. This young mansmother was missing a husband and a father to protect her and her son.