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Whether they be community leaders, business owners, philanthropists, college students, or average Joes/Janes, everyone has a story to tell and Fort Collins is a part of that story. Karas writing background is varied. Peter is eager to learn more about the nitty-gritty history of Fort Collins and nearby communities, and hes grateful to have Forgotten Fort Collins readers along for the ride as fellow students and, undoubtedly, as teachers. The Scoop Blog Network creates hubs of hyper-local bloggers who are eager and dedicated to sharing the scoop on whats going on in their communities. The Scoop Bloggers focus on an individual niche topic, becoming area experts in their particular interest.

Live Music, Art and Culture in Fort Collins, by Malini Bartels. At a little over 5 feet, Malini Bartels stands taller than some children and is louder than most house pets. Restaurant reviews and dining news in Fort Collins, by Kristin Mastre. Reviews on, feasting Fort Collins cover a variety of food establishments locally owned family restaurants, fast-casual chains, coffee houses, breweries, and more.

The Scoop Blog Network takes care of all of the nitty-gritty behind the scene details of blogging graphic design, technical moderation, and advertising management, allowing the Scoop Bloggers the freedom to do what they love writing great posts and sharing the scoop with their communities! As a writer who believes in building local community and promoting our beautiful natural areas here in northern Colorado, expect her work in Fresh Air to provide the information and inspiration you need to get your own shenanigans off and running.