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Reading Mary's books is like sleep learning - except in her case the process works. She's effortlessly funny and consistently engaging. Ever wanted to know what happens to your body at 600 mph? And Canada. He was the Executive Producer of the 2007 History Channel special Journey to the Center of the World. (By the way; Jim likes likes to hear from other authors, in particular younger writers, who might have questions about writing and publishing - so feel free to contact him.) Exploring caves is like rock climbing, diving, and mountain climbing. And technology, diet, and drugs help us to keep our ill animal companions with us longer. Why is "it" getting worse? I have a hunch it's because of the erosion of trust in just about everything. (In his case, those who teach also can.) Shooting in the Wild does include a touch of tell-all. For example: "When the king snake ignored the rattlesnake, the filmmaker tried again and again to engage them in combat, with no success. Ann, "Thank you for the photos of the grave. I want to commend you for your prompt attention to my request. Anyone who is willing to give freely of their time to provide a service such as yours, deserves praise indeed.

And they love us without any conditions. No human has been able to pull that off, on a sustained basis. Of course, we're unhinged when that four-footer furry presence has to leave us to cope with the world as it is, on our own. Plus cavers often spend months underground; it's physically and psychologically harrowing. Blind Descent is not just an outstanding introduction to the science and culture of caving wrapped up in an adventure tale - no wonder it was chosen as an Amazon Best of the Month and Jim chosen to be interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.