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What does this mean for your CV? Well, many things Include Your Photo, for your Dubai CV to be effective, you gotta include a photo of yourself. The photo tells the employers many of the things that they would want to know about you. Include Your Nationality, what if you are a unique human being of mixed races? What if its hard to tell your ethnicity by your photo? In this case, include your nationality. Passport! Moreover, regardless of how much of an individual you are, your nationality could tell many real things about you. Set things straight from the start and reveal it in your CV. If you are a dual-citizen include the better nationality. This might not work for some people, though, as their name may reveal their real nationality. Like, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon with a U.S. Youre not lying here. The way you quickly input data into a spreadsheet is a system thats devised by you, and you kinda mentioned that Excel trick to the boss and he liked it. Resume, writing Tips, make sure you don't miss critical information hiring managers are looking for. Learn about what to include, what not to, and how to present your most marketable skills.

To stay safe, you can have a professional review and critique your CV for free. Either Write A Great Cover Letter, Or Forget It! The most important aspect of a cover letter is how relevant it is. Did Anyone Mistakenly Tell You That Your CV Should Not Be More Than One Page in Length? Thats what they told me, and they were wrong! Especially for Dubai. In a couple of networking events and meetings, I handed out my one-pager, and people were turning it over to see whats more.