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Summarise the points to be covered in your speech. Body 1. Past Recollections Events or Occasions: Fun / tears trials / tribulations Have a vivid word picture of a significant event for the school Identify the personal traits used and built through this event Identify some general learnings Consider the accomplishments of this group of graduates.

Some of these could have been life changing. Reflect on the past years and draw out some of these events. Get together in a group and Brainstorm your memories. Now consider the Speech Outline below.

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Speeches written for your graduation. Are you anxious about your Graduation Speech? I use music to calm me whilst I am preparing my speeches and before the big occasion. Have a look here at the music I use which is specially written by a gifted composer who understands. Let's define this first, as this will assist in identifying what should make up such a speech. A Valedictorian or Graduation Speech is - A closing or farewell statement, address or oration, especially one delivered at a graduation ceremony - An oration or address spoken at commencement in American colleges or seminaries by one of the graduating class. " Consider the point to be made here that will summarise all that you would say in Point #3 future. Conclusion Summarise your three key points in the Past, Present, Future of the Body. You are lucky to make a graduation speech because not all people is given the chance to do it and when you have the chance, do your best and. Continue reading, martin, july 17, 2013, uncategorized, graduating as a nursing student is a momentous event and when you have given the opportunity to make a nursing graduation speech, perhaps tips.