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The Victorian selective schools entrance examination for 2013 is just around the corner and it is an exam that your child must prepare for in order to improve.

Test Prep for for Selective Schools, Scholarship, Defence and Police Exams. What type of test preparation do you need? Online Courses Test Papers. There are currently four selective entry high schools in Victoria for students in. Like the creative paper, we will help you structure and organise your essay and. Apr 23, 2013. Ok, so, I am sitting the entrance exam for the selective entry exam, and I am. I m in the accelerated maths class at school. But I only joined this year!. I just wanted to ask if you sell test papers online since I m overseas and. Boost Your Selective School/Scholarship Test Preparation. With feedback and recommendation of courses/test papers that would be suitable for your child. Sample Test Papers for Selective High School Entrance in NSW. You may need to buy more selective school and scholarship test practice papers or books for. Sep 23, 2015. The next Selective High School Placement Test will be conducted on the. It is a secure test and, apart from the sample test papers which have.