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How to Be a Better Grandparent: Tips on Building Great

"I know it's trite, but they keep me young. I have to get up and go - tennis matches, dance recitals, sleepovers with five or six 12-year-old girls Walden said. Things have changed since she raised her children and Walden said she often calls her adult children for advice on how to help her grandchildren with math. Pete Walden, Bailey Walden, 12, Connie Walden, and Chandler Walden, 14, at the Walden home Oct. 31 in Killen, Ala. The Waldens are a a part of a growing number of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.(Eric Schultz / ) hoover, Alabama - The mother of Caroline Boone's three grandchildren asked if her kids - then ages 4, 6, and. "The grandparent's income is not considered in determining eligibility Spear added, but they must cooperate with efforts to collect child support from the parents. Alabama DHR also operates a low-income Kinship Care Program that works to reduce the need for foster care placement by providing short term services and benefits to families caring for related children other than their own. "People will say things like, 'How noble that is.' That does not help. What you want to do is buy a school uniform, help provide childcare Crowther said. Staying mentally active Taking in a grandchild does have benefits, Crowther said. How grandparents can help with homework from m. While reviewing for a test, kids tend to waste precious time going over what they already know. Find out more about what your grandchildren are doing in school with the. PLAhe challenges facing the grandparents go beyond financial and legal obligations. Some grandparents refuse to think of a time when they might not be able to care for the grandchildren. "They think they're going to be here forever Shores said. "Grandparents will take care of that caregiving responsibility but going through the court system to get formal custody just seems like a big deal Crowther said. A 2010 study by the Center for Demographic Research at Auburn University Montgomery found that nearly one in four grandparents in Alabama are raising at least one of their own grandchildren under the age.