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Can you see it becoming cohesive? This is just your first draft. Some writers use third, fourth, fifth, and sixth drafts before they're happy with their work. Nitpick as you see fit, adding imagery here, a bit of dialogue there, and possibly even moving pieces around. 5 tips FOR writinood narrative essay by Sean. Consulted list after the essay. Explain yourself as you go. Of five books and over twenty essays. Don't start as yourself. "I'm going to tell you about a time I got into trouble with my parents is not an adequate start. Use something like "I could already feel the belt tightening across my chest; I knew that I should have made a wiser decision" instead. Think about a circumstance in your life that led to some result, consequence, or lesson learned. It doesn't necessarily have to be huge or significant. Sometimes, the simplest of thoughts or circumstances can lead to a kind of poetic eloquence.

One way to achieve this is through carefully constructed dialogue. Work to create dialogue that allows the characters personalities and voices to emerge through unique word selection, and the use of active rather than passive voice. Don't be shy to ask for criticism, too. If they can't follow the flow of your story, they should say something! If something is unclear, it will need to be reworked. A personal narrative outlines one event in your life. It could be a failure, a change in your life, a realization, a childhood ything.1 If it would be interesting to write about, it would probably be interesting to read.

This will set up the tone of your narrative, giving you an overall feel for your work. Look over the subject that you are presenting and think of what you are trying to get across.