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Don't Buy Cheap Toilet Paper: Words of wisdom from a father, to his

Seriously. Gotta keep up with the Joneses. Am I wrong to be so frugal in this area? Is anyone else like this? Cheap toilet paper. Who the hell demands quality at a time like that? Who watches Charmin commercials and thinks to themselves, Ooooh yeah.that looks niiiice!. My fella lives out of town. Can you guess what he brought with him in his most recent visit? People call me out on the crappy (hehe) quality of my uberthin 1-ply. I dont get it. Its toilet paper. Youre using it to wipe fecal matter from your ass. As long as you arent ending up with splinters down there, I think youre doing okay. I buy ridiculously cheap toilet paper. There. I said it. And I stand by this decision. Yupthats me! What surprises me is the reaction this gets from anyone who visits my house.

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