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My perfect world is a place where each individual uses the gifts God gave them in a positive way. Using these 5 simple steps, take a few moments to write your own mission of teaching. What is the point of a mission if its not being followed? Leaders need a mission. Teacher are leaders. It would only make sense for teachers to have a mission for their work.

For example, in my own mission statement below, I have bolded my verbs and interaction words to show you how I used them in sentences. I realize my mission is a little long, yes I cheated at my own rules, but the point here is to keep it short and sweet. The Five-Step Plan for Creating Personal Mission Statements QuintCareers, love this article?

A mission is like a philosophy, but a mission is very short, under 30 words. This makes it easy to remember and uphold. Teachers as leaders in their classroom need continued motivation and rejuvenation to meet the demands of the profession. Ask for their feedback. While reading this youll find it is clearly geared towards the job market. However, the steps can be easily transfered into your personal life, whatever your goal may be. Please share your mission with me! I would love to see what inspires you in your life and profession.